kayak dranse
Kayak sur la dranse de thonon les bains

Wath is kayaking ?

Kayaking known to all was not born yesterday. He crossed the ages while undergoing whenever improvements, modifications, to go even further. An unsinkable boat in which slides inside the cockpit and that it closes with a skirt to prevent the complete filling. To move forward we will be equipped with a double paddle for kayaking and simple for canoeing.

Each practice and practicing his craft, we will find as many existing models of ski models: speed, slalom, freestyle, freeride, …

In our case, we will be on the sporting ride river kayaking to be comfortable on a river grade II to IV.


Our products :

All our « kayak » products are for an audience that wants to learn, grow, to develop and why not make a job.

The sessions will be on the menu according to the demands and expectations of the trainee. The goal is to have a small group in order to have the necessary time to each.

The price are for guidance but it can change depending necessary equipment and the type of desired sessions.

+ option picture and/or inside videos

  • Step by step :

This type of program is for people wanting to start the river kayaking. Started on calm water and gradually the different courses of the Dranse.

– Balance

– Propulsion

– Direction

– Eskimo roll

– Wildwater fluency

– Perfectionnement

– Material advice

– Security and rescue technics in wildwaters

– …

It is possible to create sessions on these topics

Price :

  25 €   for 1 person on grade I and II during 1h30 (price degressive after)

  50 €   for 1 person on grade III and IV during 2h30 (price degressive after)

Not including personal equipment

  • Guide engagement :

You’re not from the area and you want to navigate in our country with a guide ?

Ask for ourteam

The Dranse in Haute Savoie with its famous former trip of the « ex – infranchissable », the Dranse of Abondance Dranse of Morzine, Giffre, depending on your level and water levels, we have necessarily something for you.

Time :

About 1 half day
(possible for one full day)

Price :

  70 €   for 1 person and degressive after

Not including personal equipment

  • Professionnal advice :

(price on request)

You are already practicing and you’d like to make your job?

It is time to pass the course. We can give you the training and tools necessary for the success of your entrance tests in vocational training.

A skills assessment can be established to target areas for improvement.



  • Other :

You have other requests, please contact us, we will study all your projects.


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Still have doubts? Do not hesitate to contact us