Brendan LE TROADEC, also DANDANDSC_0059

Diploma in Telecoms and Network

Professional License Management Water Structures

Kayaking licence instructor

UF8 : Qualification rafting 4 – 5

UF9 : Qualification kayak 4 and more

UF10 : Qualification hydrospeed in grade 4 – 5

A brief history of my career,

I started kayak in the middle of the 1990s, thanks to the aternal figure. Firstly, I was a member of river kayaking club in Brittany, in Belle Ile en terre, then in the club of la Roche Derrien.

I did practices after practices, supervisories after supervisories, in order to follow a normal course as instructor, monitor, trainer, and competitor in the club of la Roche Derrien, well-known for wildwater kayaking.

I went all over France through regional and national competitions, where i could shine on all stages.

Then, I rapidly turned to training and supervisory staff of this activity to make some seasons to the four corners of Brittany as summer job.

After successing in a telecoms and network diploma, it took an opposite direction passing a bachelor in management of nautical structures.

In 2008, I took the diploma of Canoë-Kayak and associate discipines as external candidate. I started my beginnings in rafting in the Aples de Haute Provence (04) on the Verdon. In 2009, i started taking complementary qualifications with firstly kayaking in high rivers, in order to supervise canoe-kayak in grade superior to III. After 2 seasons in Castellane (04), I changed the direction to go to Haute-Savoie (74). Thanks to advices, i had another qualification in 2012: Rafting and hydrospeeding, in order to be able to supervise it on grade IV-V.

At the same time, i join ski lifts in Les Gets, what permits me to have annual incomes.

After 4 summer seasons in the same company, I arrive in a turning point of my carrer. Some wants, ideas, and convitions are emerging. That’s why I decided to start my own business as independant worker and indeed offering my services to different structures in the valley. Little by little, this should permit me to make me known and get my own clients.

A new adventure is starting.


What is the « Yaute »?

It simply means Haute Savoie in patois.


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